PROSOL (Grand Frais) | Selecting an unique apple

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Growers who supplied to retailer Grand Frais had an exclusive variety of tree nursery Johan Nicolai Inc. in production. This variety, Rubinstep (Pirouette®), became a very popular choice among their customers. PROSOL learned from their suppliers that sister company ZOUK had some interesting varieties in development. Intrigued by this succes, PROSOL, owners of Grand Frais, came into contact with ZOUK.

After several tastings of different varieties over a two-year period, ZOUK31 was selected due to its distinctive colour, texture and aroma. PROSOL saw many new varieties appear on the market, but few of them really had a distinctive factor.

They felt the need to bring new varieties in their stores. However the difficulty in marketing the next red bi-coloured apple didn’t sound to interesting. After discovering ZOUK31 from the program. They realised that this distinctive colour would draw the attention of their customers. The golden-yellow colour makes it stand out next to its competitors.

Also the fact that sales in Golden Reinders are decreasing and together with this tendency the colour yellow is disappearing in the shelves.

This whole process led to the obvious conclusion that a cooperation was needed. After reaching an agreement for a temporary exclusivity in their territory, we defined the volume needed to give the variety a head start. This ambitious project will definitely wake up the market as a whole.

The goal for both companies is to prolong this exclusivity period once the variety has proven itself in the first years on the market.

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  • A production target has been determined based on a minimum available volume in their stores.
  • PROSOL received a temporary exclusivity clause for sale and production valid in France, Italy and Morocco.
  • ZOUK31 will be available in the autumn of 2019 in a limited amount of their stores in France, starting in the autumn of 2020 most of their stores will be supplied.
  • In the next years PROSOL will proceed planting to reach their quota.
  • PROSOL will have the rights to renew their exclusive sales license, within agreed terms.


PROSOL Group manages Fruit and Vegetables in the +160 stores of GRAND FRAIS.

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