Our apples

All varieties are protected by plant breeders' rights, plant patents or through another recognised body. Each variety is submitted as: "ZOUK + number" . This designation is the official variety name. This variety name has nothing to do with the final commercial name of the apples. Each variety is given a matching commercial name.

Zouk16 Shadow

ZOUK16 c.o.v.

Trade name: Mariposa® (EU)
ZOUK16 is a bi-coloured apple with a unique blush on a light green background. Characteristic is his white flesh and very thin skin.

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ZOUK31 c.o.v.

Trade name: Rubisgold®
This is a unique golden-yellow apple with an orange-red blush. Despite its golden-yellow appearance, the apple is enormously crispy and juicy.

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Zouk 32 A

ZOUK32 c.o.v.

Trade name: Coryphée®
This is a crispy, firm and especially juicy apple. The firm flesh provides a surprising bite.

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Zouk G1

ZOUKG1 c.o.v.

Trade Name: Gala One®
This is an early maturing and colouring mutant from Royal Gala.

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