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Zouk creates new apple varieties. This process starts with traditional apple breeding and ends with the protection and management of a new variety. In this process we work in close cooperation with partners to carefully select the right variety for each market.

We launch varieties with partners as complete concepts, carefully aligned with the needs of their markets. We strive to achieve a perfect match between production (apple volumes) and the market demands.

The Zouk varieties amaze consumers with their unique appearance, taste and texture. Furthermore they excel in their technical progress because of their increased production yields and/or natural tolerance against scab and mildew. Opening opportunities for low residu or even biological production.

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It runs in the family

As a family business trust is one of our most valuable resources. Our integrity, competence, consistency, loyalty and openness is embedded in our way of working through our family ties.

Our history
Trees worldwide
2019 800.000
2025 3.160.000
2019 9
2025 14
Annual production
2019 16.000.000
2025 63.000.000
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Success stories

A.C. Goatham and sons | Broadening their productrange to meet growing demand for English apples

Plantage Goatham 2019

Being one of the leading fruit companies in England, the growing consumer demand for more English apples made them realise an even broader assortment was needed. Among many other thing there was a need for an apple that could withstand competition from abroad and that could be grown in their climate.

C.A.T.M. | Partnership blossoming from a continuous quest for innovations and exclusivities in the fruit sector

Partners CATM1

Being a leading family business in Algeria with a focus on the production and sale of fruit, C.A.T.M. was looking for premium products with their own branding for their customers. They only want the most innovative varieties in each of their orchards.

Tilkens Farm Fresh Fruits & Wolfcarius quality fruit (WFT) | Broadening the assortment in locally produced apples to counter import.

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At their clients request, they were looking for a Belgian Gala, and eventually ended up at ZoukG1 (Gala ONE®). An early colouring and early maturing mutation from Gala Royal Beaut®.

Colruyt Group | Bringing innovation to the Belgian apple product range

Zouk32 Gorsem 12 09 24

The goal of Colruyt Group was to sell more locally produced apple varieties. They however didn’t believe the right varieties were produced locally to fill up the portfolio of apple varieties in their stores. They visited multiple breeding programmes and made a selection of the most promising apple varieties. The samples of this selection were given to a taste panel of their clients: ZOUK32 came out on top.

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