Our vision

With the abundance of high quality (exotic) fruit, the apple industry has to step up their game to stay relevant. Continuous innovation in varieties is the only way to keep apple consumption on track. We believe that the combination of innovation and sustainable local production is the way forward. This innovation is a continuous system which is best supported by long-term partnerships. In these collaboration, all parties continue to work on the ‘next one’.

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Sustainability is key

Through a well-considered approach, we work towards the optimal alignment between supply and demand. The start of every collaboration is a discussion about the specific market. Who is the customer and how long do we need to be on a specific market in a season.

Our objective is to develop high-quality (premium) apples tailored to the desires of a predetermined target market. A key element in the start-up phase, is our partners' understanding of their consumer needs.

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Long-term partnerships

Because we strive for long lasting partnerships we can change our way of working. We not only believe in a continuous supply of our products but also in a continuous supply of new possibilities for our partners. Our expertise in the apple market will be your competitive edge.

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Our way of working

The fruit sector is changing, Zouk bvba believes in continuous improvement and our partners should do the same. That is why we have specialised in the protection of intellectual properties. This has escalated in recent years and the trend will continue using various protection options.

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