C.A.T.M. | Partnership blossoming from a continuous quest for innovations and exclusivities in the fruit sector

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C.A.T.M. is a leading family business in Algeria with a focus on the production and sale of fruit. Our partnership started at a trade show in France, where we shared the vision of a continuous quest for innovations and we could help them with acquiring exclusivities in the fruit sector

Their customers are looking for premium products with their own branding. C.A.T.M. only wants the most innovative varieties in each of their plantings.

The most important factor being the quality of the fruit: the appearance and taste. As a result, they selected both ZOUK16 and ZOUK31.


  • CATM received a temporary exclusivity clause for sale and production valid in Algeria and Tunisia
  • ZOUK16 & ZOUK31 are being planted until they reach their quota.
  • First production will be sold in the autumn of 2020.
  • C.A.T.M. will have the rights to renew their exclusive sales license, within agreed terms.
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