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The goal of Colruyt Group was to sell more locally produced apple varieties. They however didn’t believe the right varieties were produced locally to fill up the portfolio of apple varieties in their stores. Their existing product range had to be complemented with an early variety to start the season, replacing Southern European apples. In addition, with regards for the future, they were looking for an apple resistant to the most common diseases. This would give the possibility for biological production.

Other requirements:

  • Excellent taste, texture and appearance in comparison what was available in their stores at that time.
  • Production capacity of the variety should be sufficient enough for their growers to be economically viable. Meaning: high annual productions with high disease resistance.
  • Long shelf life. The consumer must always experience consistent quality.
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Colruyt Group visited multiple breeding programmes and made a selection of the most promising apple varieties. The samples of this selection were given to a taste panel of their clients. ZOUK32 came out on top of the selection. Beside judging its taste, ZOUK32 was also judged technically based on production volume and its resistance to the most common apple diseases.


The objective of Colruyt Group was to sell the variety in all its branches in Belgium and Luxembourg. Based on the volumes required, together we defined the production acreage (plantations). Colruyt Group now holds a temporary exclusivity for the sale of the variety in Belgium and Luxembourg until 2027.

At the end of 2019 Colruyt will have achieved their total production acreage and the first production will be sold on a small scale. Commercialisation will start in the autumn of 2020. Colruyt Group will have the rights to renew their exclusive sales license, within agreed terms.

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About Colruyt Group

Colruyt, a family company from Lembeek in Flemish Brabant, first appeared about 80 years ago. Today, they’ve grown from a small company into a whole family of companies: Colruyt Group. They offer numerous retail chains, own brands and activities, and are flourishing in three countries.

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