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Long-term partnerships

Every collaboration is unique. There’s no fixed model or standard contract. Together with a possible partner we look for the optimal system in their specific region. For a period of time we can offer exclusivity in that region. This gives the partner the opportunity to develop the variety. Before the end of this specified period we work on a prolonged agreement which by that time will resemble the potential in that region.

Every contract or collaboration is always based on the specific market of our partners.

Once a partnership is established, these partners are more closely involved in the Zouk breeding program. This creates opportunities for them as they are at the frontline of the breeding with possible early access to new promising selections.

The introduction of a new apple variety is preceded by a long start-up period. Potential partners will have to invest sufficient time to optimise production and to determine market potential. The experience accumulated by this ‘first’ commercialisation will be a valuable asset in future introductions. That is where we make the difference, we believe in a partnership where continuous innovation will lead to new and more successful varieties for all parties. Only after all parties are familiar with the introduction process of an apple variety, we can increase efficiency and fully tailor it to the needs of the consumer.

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50 years of experience


On the one hand we have an substantial network of partners in different regions that we bring together, this creates new trade flows and opportunities. By having a common portfolio of apple varieties and sharing knowledge of the territory, the partners in our network can reinforce each other.

On the other hand, the commercial model is adapted to every territory of their specific customer. We work together with the partner on the specific needs in his territory to closely match the supply and demand. We can position the apple as a premium variety because there is no pressure to overproduce. Our approach guarantees the profitability of our varieties for our partners and creates a compelling story for other customers. We firmly believe in mutual trust and long-term cooperation to ensure that new selections are more in tune with their market.


OUR COmmitment TO GuAranty Quality

Our main focus is the overall quality: from the tree in the orchard to the apple on the shelve. By closely following the quality and authenticity of the delivered fruit trees, Zouk ensures the stability and consistency of its apple varieties.

Together with our partners we review the future development on a biannual base. We aim to cover the full spectrum: from the quality of the apples in the store to the general marketing approach. We are not looking for one-shot opportunities but we are trying to invest in long-lasting cooperation. This is the only way to deliver quality products to consumers.

We focus on continuous innovation in our breeding process. We do this by engaging in continuous conversation with our partners, and by scouring the world in search for trends and other programmes.

We only select partners who are willing to cooperate with others. If a potential partner wants to isolate himself and doesn't want to be part of an international story, then this is not the right partner for Zouk.

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