How we work

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Creating value

Apples are still one of the most popular types of fruit worldwide. The endless variability of apples makes it possible to develop the right one for the consumer of tomorrow. They are one of the few fruits where branding is possible in terms of the specific type and not so much in terms of the producer. This offers the opportunity for a premium experience.

Bringing a new variety onto the market requires: knowledge, time, persistence and a lot of patience. As a family business, active for already four generations in the top fruit sector, we know the pass of this process. Only when everything is rightfully executed added value is created for all partners in the chain.

Persconferentie Coryphee

Together with our partners we develop the apple of tomorrow. Based on our knowledge of the market, we propose potentially interesting varieties. Together we define a development process for the specific variety in the territory. Our starting priority will always be the critical volume that is necessary to serve the market.

Exclusivity for our research partners

Our development partner receives temporary exclusivity to further establish the variety. After the expiry of this first term, the partner is given the opportunity to extend this exclusivity.