How we work

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Research driven

Zouk develops new apple varieties through classical breeding. This development consists of:

Breeding and testing:

  1. Selecting potentially interesting apple varieties
  2. Testing phase I: Trial locations in Belgium (Both on our own fields as at other professional breeders)
  3. Testing phase II: Various locations spread across Europe
  4. Testing phase III: Various locations outside of Europe (United States, Canada, Chile, South-Africa)
  5. Research of postharvest topics such as optimal storage conditions in collaboration with the Flanders Centre of Postharvest Technology (VCBT)
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7 Applications in 2016

Protection of IP and development model:

  • Protection of the variety in the main production areas: via Plant Breeders Rights (CPVO, EU), plant patent (US), variety lists,...
  • Introduction of potential varieties outside of the EU through official procedures and authorities
  • Protection of brands and trademarks
  • Trademark follow-up to detect possible infringements
  • Domain name protection
  • Tailoring the licensing model to the partner and the project.
  • Legal substantiation of the license model to cover the rights of our partner and ourselves. The licensee receives the necessary contracts to fully cover their rights.
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