How we work

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Local approach based on global know-how

We aim to create a premium apple experience that is focused on the local market of our partners. Defining the initial market requirements is of utmost importance in our phased approach. After determining the requirements, the partner works on achieving this volume of fruit. Global export should not be the main motive but can be a logical next step after initial success in the local market. Zouk aims to accompany its partners through every step: from A to Z, from local to global.

Global Approach

  • Protecting all intellectual property
  • Plant import to the relevant production areas
  • Complete all customs formalities and quarantine requirements
  • Produce test trees and start production of certified plant material
  • Maintain certified base material of all varieties on all continents to ensure true-to-type plants
  • Run trials in the main production areas (US, Chile, South-Africa):
    • USA | Acquired Plant Patent, material available at Prosser. Test sites Washington state and New York state
    • Chile | Varieties in quarantaine.
    • South-Africa | Varieties in quarantaine, registration in progress. Test sites planted.
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